Putting myself in the interview chair

Putting myself in the interview chair

This weekend, instead of me questioning other people, two interviews about me appeared, one in print and one on the radio. I already knew, of course, how tricky it is, when you are under pressure, to convey exactly what you want to say and yet this really brought it home. This is how other people will see me! 

Listen to the BBC programme here – there is also a podcast of this edition of Private Passion available.

Here’s another article where I talk sexism, Elizabeth Taylor – and women’s lives 


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  1. Reply ANNE TAIT,

    Dear Anne Sebba – re your Wallis Simpson bio:
    Your research is impressive – your conclusions even better, in your summation of Wallis Simpson.
    I knew nothing about her letters to Ernest. [Who preserved them in their envelopes and why didn’t we know about them?] They reveal another side of ‘that woman’ and her regret in losing a compatible, warm relationship with Ernest because she pursued the party life with a weak royal.
    ‘Served her right’, I guess –.and thank God, they never led England towards fascism — but what a dark kind of justice! You’ve provided amazing new insights into the personalities of the abdicating king and the manipulative divorcee who captivated him, then regretted their affair.
    I’ve been through a similar experience, naively thinking it could be accepted without harm – fortunately it didn’t have the same consequences,
    Wallis, Ernest and David were certainly not people of any real depth, but YOU are — in your assessment of them, and in your attempt to assuage your grief for the loss of your husband by raising those chickens in Crete! Bravo to you, Anne Sebba

    • Reply Anne Sebba,

      Thanks so much for your kind comments! I am so delighted to hear you have read my blog as one never knows, and delighted you liked my book, although sorry to hear your own experience. Oh Life…

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