London’s Bestsellers

That Woman by Anne Sebba named as a Dark Horse in the London Evening Standard’s Bestsellers list.

‘Wallis Simpson vindicated’ is the tagline. Fantastic!  Not sure who’s the Dark horse, Wallis or me?   But someone has understood that, however hard she is to like,  understanding Wallis is half the battle. Of course she’s flawed but oh, how much more interesting for being complex.

Dressing the part

Publication Day for THAT WOMAN and, to celebrate, a fitting for THAT DRESS with the designer I know Wallis would have rushed to embrace,Roland Mouret. I cannot reveal – yet – what it looks like. But like all of Roland’s clothes it is clever, witty, seductive and makes the wearer feel instantly wonderful. It is certainly not a copy of a Wallis original, but it pays homage to one of her most famous gowns. The day after the official launch, September 6th, when Roland and I will be having a conversation about Wallis’s life and style at the iconic Net-a-Porter headquarters, THAT DRESS officially goes on sale but, unlike Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight I will still have my own gown to keep for ever.