Who were Les Parisiennes?

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  1. Reply Maureen Emerson,

    Anna, I admire your work immensely and am now reading Les Parisiennes. However, I don’t agree with your statement on video that people, when questioned about the activities of French women during the war, Immediately say they all collaborated and slept with Germans. This is not the case, for there were many female Resistants, protectors and passeurs who are celebrated for their bravery, even if one does not
    always know their names.

    • Reply Anne Sebba,

      Thanks Maureen, for kind words …what i am saying is not what i personally think, but what has been said to me. Of course there were many female resistantes, protectors and passeuses as well as women who performed myriad brave deeds for which they were not rewarded post war. No, what i am saying is that so many people when questioned seem to think that women had responded only in this way, collaboration horizontale, sleeping with the enemy. Les Parisiennes (my book) is trying to show that this was NOT the case,that the response was far more nuanced and varied and now it’s time for unsung heroines to be recognised.

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