Let’s hear it for Local Bookshops

My Local Book Shop - The Open Book

My Local Book Shop - The Open Book

I have just removed some buttons from my website. They were yellow banners and they said:  “Press here to buy my book on AMAZON.” The colour was a garish yellow and, if anyone ever used them, I never knew about it since I never received any payment.

I was part of a scheme called Amazon Associates, which offers its users a percentage of any books sold through their own website. But all I ever received was a monthly email telling me: “This Associates account did not earn any referral fees”.

But actually the reason for removing them is not because they didn’t pay but because I want to encourage anyone who might be contemplating buying one of my books to do so from their local high street bookshop. This is Independent Booksellers’ Week – although shouldn’t every week be Independent Booksellers’ Week? – and although I have nothing against Amazon (there are occasions when, like everyone, I have found their services invaluable) this week I want to tell you about my local bookshop, called The Open Book. My local bookshop helps me find  books I wouldn’t otherwise know about,  tells me of a similar book if the one I first thought of isn’t available, provides me with signed copies and recommends books they have read and enjoyed. Not only that, when I go into my local book shop I come out with a smile as well as a book. Try it and see what I mean.

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  1. Reply Carrie,

    Dear Anne,
    I am looking to book your daily mail holiday in May, and bring my mother along…. I wondered if you might like to collaborate with me atall. I have a small costume jewellery business which sells within the Hilton group of hotels, in my area, Berkshire…. I have noticed this past year that my likeness of mrs. Simpson’s panther has sold particularly well. Vogue contacted me late last year to ask if they may feature my products in their showstoppers article running 3 times yearly. So I have decided to run with the panther for March… Which comes out 7 th feb. I was wondering whether I might promote you alongside my piece, and perhaps we could help one another on social media etc….? I’m looking fwd to reading your book “that woman” before I come along in May on the holiday. I would be delighted to hear from you, kindest regards, carrie

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